Soap Club Membership

Soap Club Member: Rules and Regulations

1. In order to become a “Soap Club Member” (SCM) you must:
a) Agree to all rules and regulations.
b) Have a valid credit card and shipping address on file with CBA.
c) Purchase a minimum of THREE bars on each delivery date.

2. All Soap Club members will receive 10% off their entire purchase each month. No contract required. Can cancel any time 10% Off With Every SCM Monthly Order Ability to earn extra saving thru Referral Points YOU choose what soap YOU want Shipped right to your door every month!

3. The Soap Club discount applies to body soaps only.

4. How to order:
a) Go to Order your favorite soaps and proceed to check out.
b) Write “SCM” in the comment box.
c) A new invoice will be emailed to you with your new total.
d) Once your initial order has been placed, you no longer need to reorder. We will continue to deliver the same soaps to you every month unless otherwise specified (See “SCM Exchange Policy”).

5. Each member will be given an account number which will be assigned when a new membership is opened. This number will be used to track referral points.

6. Members who refer others to join the Soap Club will receive an additional 5% per order.

7. Referral details:
a) The referred individual must open a Soap Club account and purchase the minimum THREE bars required.
b) Percentage points earned from referrals do not expire - unless the membership is canceled.
c) Members may redeem up to three referrals at a time (up to 15%). These savings do not apply to shipping, handling or taxes.
d) In order for SCM to earn referral points, their referral guest must enter SCM account number upon checkout. 

8. Shipping details:
a) All orders will be sent using USPS Priority Mail unless otherwise specified.
b) We ship once a month, on the 1st
c) If a shipping date falls on a weekend, items will be mailed that Friday.

8. Exchange policy:
a) Body soaps may be exchanged
b) All requests must be submitted via email no later than 2 days before the shipping date, otherwise the request will be honored upon the next schedule delivery date.

9. Cancelling a membership:
a) A membership may be canceled at any time. All referral points will expire upon cancellation.
b) A cancellation request must be emailed to CBA no later than two days before the shipment date. If not, the request will be honored upon the next delivery date.

10. Members will be notified of any changes to our soap list in advance.

11. For international orders, please contact us first.

Soap of the Month Program (SMP): COMING SOON!