Elizabeth SantiagoCeleBritAy
Time for Yourself 

Established in 1998, CeleBritAy offers natural health and beauty goods for men and women in an environmentally friendly fashion. This is a Victorian tradition that, sadly, has been ignored by most modern beauty products companies as they aim to reach the mass market and have chosen to replace natural products with man-made chemicals. The natural approach has lost favor…until CeleBritAy. 

In this new age of healthy and responsible living the time for natural beauty and wellness goods has returned. CeleBritAy has revived the handmade, natural Victorian time touch with an experience that allows you to cherish time for yourself. 

More than the science degrees and the certification in Herbology from the Herbal Bear School of Botanical Medicine that she has earned, CeleBritAy’s founder, Elizabeth Santiago, takes great pride in the time she devotes to developing both her handmade natural goods and the trust and respect of her customers.