Coaching begins Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Create Energy.   Eat Better.
Have Over-All Health & Radiance.

People are living longer but living with pain more than ever.  95% of my clients strongly believed they were eating healthy.  They were very surprised to learn they were not.

Our health cannot afford to be second anymore.  Depression, obesity, skin diseases (ex: psoriasis, acne, eczema), heart attaches, stress, fear, stomach discomforts (Crohn’s, bloating, leaky gut, Diverticulosis), negative characteristics, strokes, cancer, and all these debilitating diseases are not part of our happiness.

This is why I created,

10 Weeks Group Coaching Program

My name is Liz Santiago, founder of CeleBritAy New York.  Ignite Your Inner Glow came out of a need for people looking for REAL long-lasting lifestyle steps towards understanding and curing their health goals.   My goal is to help YOU create healthy habits(or healthy blueprints as I like to call them) beyond that will help you understand and develop strategies that enact real, lasting lifestyle changes.

Let’s make our health first and start the process of saying “NO MORE” to a life with pain and discomfort.


Have guidance on healthy eating, cooking, and shopping for radiant health
Many of my clients believed they were eating healthy until they discovered they were not

Have mentoring that also motivates, boosts self-esteem, inspires, and empowers you in all
areas of life

Have the tools to create more positive energy

Learn the secrets of pairing foods for optimum health

Understand the difference between Primary and Secondary foods

Have the blueprints to help you create sustainable changes for overall well-being

Feel radiant inside and out

And so much more!



Six 90-minute group call sessions for 10 weeks

1 Pantry Detox Cooking demo Workshop (approx. 3 hours)

27 Days Personalized Health Regiment

Delicious Health cooking recipes

Call recordings

24/7 community in secret Facebook group

Unlimited email support throughout the program

Assigned Accountability Partners to keep you on track


Bonus #1
Surprise Bonuses throughout the program!

Bonus #2
Free 60 minutes Private Coaching with me  ($250 value)



Join others in an intimate, hands-on, strategic and result-driven 10 weeks journey.

♥ This is an NON JUDGEMENT and SAFE place for EMPOWERMENT and GROWTH ♥


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Liz Santiago is founder & CEO of CeleBritAy New York, an award-winning skincare company specializing in organic, sustainable products. A multi-passionate entrepreneur on a mission to educate and evolve the skincare &
health industry, she’s also a Holistic Health Coach, Creator of the Ignite Your Inner Glow™ Program for people who want radiant health inside and out, and a holistic skincare & business consultant.

What sets Liz apart from other skincare CEOs, health coaches, and beauty consultants is her deep understanding of healthy living from the inside-out. As a Holistic Health Coach, Liz brings a whole body approach to educating, understanding, identifying, and eliminating the root cause of diseases and disorders. Whether she’s coaching an individual client or mentoring a burgeoning holistic business, individuals and companies rave about her tireless passion for inspiring others to live in full alignment with their healthy, whole, happy lifestyle.