Coaching begins Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Achieve Skin health from the Inside Out.
Nourish. Heal. Balance

Are you struggling with skin issues that keep you from looking and feeling your best?

Do you settle for – and struggle with – nagging health issues like problem skin, fatigue, and/or belly bloat but tell yourselves it’s just part of the aging process?

Do you want to age well and look amazing…without putting harsh chemicals and dangerous toxins on your skin and your body? 

The truth is, when you don’t love how you look– and your skin is a BIG part of how you feel about your looks– you lack confidence.

Hi. My name is Liz Santiago.

As founder of CeleBritAy, an established health and skincare company, and a highly sought after lifestyle coach and nutrition counselor, I’m on a mission to educate, inspire, and ignite your innate passion for living, eating, and feeling well.

I’ve spent the last 18+ years helping people achieve radiant and healthy skin – even after suffering from chronic skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema and acne. I know firsthand the emotional toll having skin diseases takes on women’s confidence, happiness, and ability to be their best in the world. I also know how frustrating it feels to feel like you’re NOT aging well because of how your skin looks.

THIS is the driving force behind why I created
Ignite Your Inner Glow (IYIG)
90 day group coaching and mentorship program.

IYIG offers you a safe place to be vulnerable about your skin issues, feel empowered about getting your glow on, and finally free yourself of skin issues, irritations, and disease – all while experiencing hands-on support, guidance, and mentorship so you can start looking, feeling, and living your best life – without ingesting harsh chemicals or toxins to achieve the results you want. (Yes, this is possible!)

If you’re like my clients when they first come to me,
you may find yourself chronically saying things like…

I just thought belly bloat, chronic fatigue, and/or skin issues were a natural part of the aging process that I had to suffer through.

Sure, I’d like to change my lifestyle and eat/be healthier. But I’m not sure where to start.

I’ve tried toxic pills, chemicals, cosmetics, and surgeries only to find my skin ailments coming back yet again and again.

I EAT healthy! Why does my skin still look the way it does?

I’m tired of hiding behind my makeup.  

Can you relate?

I created my Ignite Your Inner Glow (IYIG) 90 Day Rebot for people like you looking for a holistic and safe way to heal chronic skin ailments by treating the root cause – focusing on the “whole person” not just the skin disease issues at hand.  

Ignite Your Inner Glow marries health, life, and skincare coaching into one powerful program with one empowered mentor. Skin health is so much more than just diet. 

What if you could:

 Re-ignite your radiance

 Reduce inflammation in your body

 Age better from the inside-out

 Free your body from chronic digestive issues (indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, etc)

Have guidance on healthy eating, cooking, and shopping for radiant skin

 Lose weight and feel like the best version of yourself

Have answers to WHY you have skin issues and have a deeper understanding of the root so you can permanently release it and rediscover radiant skin

Have a customized skin care regiment

Have a hands-on spa day 

Have a BETTER beauty experience – no more settling for dull, dry and/or oily skin, pimples, acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc!

Mentoring that also motivates, boosts self-esteem, inspires, and empowers you in all areas of life

 Still eat your favorite foods while incorporating whole, nutritious foods into your daily life

Have access to ongoing support via a private Facebook group


My Ignite Your Inner Glow Group Coaching Program
will help you do this and more.

And I can’t think of a better time to commit to the best version of you than right here and now. To release what hasn’t worked in years past and create empowered, impactful lifestyle changes that will forever improve your quality of life – just in time for the New Year!


“Emotional well-being is one of the pillars of health, thus it should be a part of the big picture when caring for your skin .” ― unknown

Skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema, wrinkles, age spots, and so much more are all the results of our lifestyle choices.

So what keeps you from creating powerful change in your life?

When we do this invaluable work together, my clients consistently rave about the results, including…


“After getting fed up with some major health issues like shortness of breath, I decided to take control of my wellness future. That’s when I hired Liz. Working with Liz, I LOVED the hands-on support I got every step of the way. From cooking lessons to shopping support to easy-to-make recipes, Liz made it easy and fun to get healthy! Today, my skin is more radiant, I’ve given up soda (finally!), and wake up every day feeling more refreshed and revitalized. Honestly, I never knew how impactful the look of my kitchen and my pantry would be to my health journey, especially if I wanted it to be long lasting without fatigue and stress. Now I shop, cook, and eat differently – and I love it!”

– Meryel Flores

“Working with Liz, the changes I experienced were life changing. From better quality sleep to easier bowel movements to increased energy, reduced sugar and carb cravings, diminished mood swings, more clarity, less stress, reduced gut issues and belly bloat, freedom from joint pain, effortless weight loss, and improved eye sight – yes, my eyes have gotten better! My family is blown away and now they’re all on board with our healthier lifestyle.”

– Bevsi J. Zelaya

“My #1 reason for deciding to work with Liz in her Program was because of my skin.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve hated how my skin slowly lost its glow. My pores felt large and many spots started to appear all over my skin.  So I wanted something medicine couldn’t give me.  They say that you are what you eat, and Liz showed me how to enjoy changing my diet to eat more healthy foods while also sharing that I don’t have to eliminate everything I love to eat!

The new awareness I have is knowledge. And knowledge is power. Now, I can naturally choose to eat what is good for me or not. And… my favorite part of our work together was when Liz showed me how to prepare and cook food – and how tasty it was! We are in a world that is always in a rush.  Now, I have an organized kitchen and a new way of eating that makes so much sense.”

– Martha Mesa


(1) 60 minute private Discovery Call to explore your greatest challenges, struggles, goals, and vision for creating and living your radiant self

(3) 90 minute-2 hour Group Coaching session 

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month at 8pm EST starting, April 18th and ending July 18th 


3.  (1) 4-6 hour in-person Pantry detox cooking demo to help you boost your _________________________:

Saturday, May 5th, at 11 am 

Learn how to cook, prep, and shop for radiant skin  

 Have step-by-steps tools to help you detox your kitchen so you can enjoy your new way of being

Learn how to prepare healthy meals without wasting time

Rediscover the fun of cooking (yes, it can be FUN!)

Set a delicious table with healing foods that you will enjoy with your new found IYIG family

Network with your fellow IYIG familia

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Empowered meal planning and recipes that support your busy lifestyle

Grocery shopping tips that save time and money while creating more enjoyment


(1) 4-6 hours in-person Spa day

Saturday, June 9th, at 11 am

And because I know the importance of hands-on support is for success– I’m going to bonus you 2 incredible free gifts to support you and your journey.

Worth $700, these bonuses include:

27 Days Personalized Organ Cleanse Regiment
$349 VALUE

Facebook closed group for consistent support
$349 VALUE

PLUS Surprise Bonuses throughout the Program!

This powerful and impactful program can revolutionize your skin health and wellness goals while allowing you to establish a legacy of well being that’s been missing.


The perfect gift for your self or a loved one.  It’s time you feel good in your skin. Let’s get you on the path to living your best radiant self!

Imagine what will change in your life when you commit to being a better version of YOU.

Imagine the freedom, confidence, and joy you’ll feel when you are no longer settling for nagging health challenges, you’re finally DONE feeling you have to hide under all that make up and feel comfortable in your skin. 

No more feeling tired, angry, depressed, overwhelmed, and lethargic-Positive thinking promotes mental powers to help you conquer the disease. Emotions affect the health of the skin as well.

Together, let me show you how to:

Cook delicious wholesome foods and add amazing flavor to foods you once did not enjoy with a hands-on group cooking demo you will enjoy eating 

Cultivate the tools to jumpstart your journey to a healthier, happier, and more radiant you  

Enjoy food pantry and a refrigerator that supports your healthy lifestyle

Confidently shop for a healthier and more radiant you

Eliminate old, unhealthy patterns while creating empowered and impactful new practices-skin health is so much more than just diet

Create more energy through healthy eating and new lifestyle habbits

Enjoy a more positive relationship with food

Feel radiant inside and out

Prevent and maintain health ailments while supporting your best health through what you eat

Achieve and maintain healthy skin

Ask for and receive the support you deserve to live the life you desire


tips on how to detox your life, your pantry, your body and mood

Nourish you with healthy treats and beverages

Ready to invest in your quality of life legacy?


The full value of this unique, hands-on, in-person & group coaching program is $2995. However, I am offering you the opportunity to invest in your health of wellness for a fraction of the full price.

Now through 11:59pm Eastern on March 15th, you can invest in this program for just $997 – or you can opt to make 3 monthly payments of $355.

But you must act quickly. I am only offering 10 people the opportunity to work with me in this unique capacity at this incredible price.

If you’re ready to create that lasting legacy of wellness, the lifetime gift of radiant skin, increased confidence, and empowered energy, I invite you to take action today.

I’m Ready!