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Are you a woman struggling with skin issues that keep you from looking and feeling your best?

Do you want to age well and look amazing… without putting harsh chemicals and dangerous toxins on your skin/in your body?

Would you like to unlock the powerful secrets to becoming stronger, sexier, and more radiant as you age?

It’s time to Ignite Your Inner Glow!

Introducing CeleBritAy’s 90 Day Ignite Your Inner Glow Private Mentorship that marries health, life, and skincare coaching into one powerful program with one empowered mentor.

Whether you are after the glow, or relief from skin ailments like acne, psoriasis, or eczema… the path is the same… Healthy skin starts from within.

Hi, I’m Liz Santiago. As owner of CeleBritAy, an award winning Skincare Company where we manufacture raw and organic products. I’ve spent the last 18+ years helping people achieve radiant and healthy skin – even after suffering from chronic skin ailments like psoriasis, eczema and acne. I know firsthand the emotional toll having skin diseases takes on women’s confidence, happiness, and ability to be their best in the world. I also know how frustrating it feels to feel like you’re NOT aging well because of how your skin looks.

THIS is the driving force behind why I decided to create my 1-on-1 Ignite Your Inner Glow Coaching and mentorship program.

This 90 day program offers you a safe place to be vulnerable about your skin issues, feel empowered about getting your glow on, and finally free yourself of skin issues, irritations, and disease – all while experiencing hands-on support, guidance, and mentorship so you can start looking, feeling, and living your best life – without ingesting harsh chemicals or toxins to achieve the results you want.

It’s time for you to start feeling good in your own skin!

I designed my 90 Day Ignite Your Inner Glow Private Mentorship to meet the needs of women who want, need, and CRAVE:

  • A holistic solution towards radiant skin inside and out

  • Access to a skilled and trusted mentor they can safely discuss their skin concerns with in a no judgment zone

  • Answers to WHY they have skin issues and a deeper understanding of the root so they can permanently release it and rediscover radiant skin

  • Guidance on healthy eating, cooking, and shopping for radiant skin

  • A BETTER beauty experience – no more settling for dull, dry and/or oily skin, pimples, acne, psoriasis, eczema, etc!

  • Support to help their children STOP suffering from chronic skin conditions

  • Mentoring that also motivates, boosts self-esteem, inspires, and empowers you in all areas of life

  • Surprising results outside of radiant skin – including weight loss!

This 1-on-1 program is for you if you’ve tried toxic pills, chemicals, cosmetics, and surgeries only to find your skin ailments coming back yet again and again.

It’s also for women who yearn to have more radiant skin so they can feel confident they’re aging gracefully and gorgeously.

The truth is, when you don’t love how you look – and your skin is a BIG part of how you feel about your looks – you lack confidence.

When they first come to me, my clients are embarrassed to admit that they’ve not only been struggling with problem skin. They’re also secretly suffering from intense emotions including anger, depression, isolation, suicidal thoughts, bulimia, bullying, and/or other health issues like overeating, hair loss, constipation, and so much more! (Are you one of them? You don’t have to suffer in silence any longer.)

Not only will your skin heal and your radiance rock. During our 90 days together, you’ll also more deeply understand the connection between healthy lifestyle habits and healthy skin.

When you enroll in my 90 Day Ignite Your Inner Glow Private Program, you will:

  1. Have more energy

  2. Feel radiant inside and out

  3. Create lasting healthy habits/blueprints

  4. Understand the signs or trigger and have the tools to learn how to prevent and maintain a healthy skin naturally-preventing ailments while supporting body’s health

  5. Have an action plan for your skin health goals

  6. Learn how to eat for overall health

  7. Get a customized skin care regimen

  8. Enjoy ongoing support via our private Facebook group

Here’s exactly what you get when you work with me 1 on 1 in our 90 day Ignite Your Inner Glow Program:

  1. (4) 45 minute coaching calls per month via phone or Skype (12 total)

  2. 4 month supply of supplements for optimum health

  3. Review of your personal skincare pantry and recommendations for what to keep/what to remove/what to replace

  4. Personalized 27 Day Plan for eating and lifestyle modifications that will help your body detox and support you in achieving radiant skin for life

  5. Unlimited email support throughout the program

  6. Customized recipes that support your taste buds, body needs, and skin vitality

  7. Notes & Next Steps following each session emailed directly to you

Give me 90 days and I’ll give YOU the lifetime gift of radiant skin, increased confidence, and empowered energy!

Because I work so deeply and personally with my clients – and they get such profound results that they send all of their friends to me – I reserve a limited amount of spots for the 1-on-1
90 Day IGNITE YOUR INNER GLOW Coaching & Mentorship program.


Inquire about enrolling to secure your spot AND score my special 2018 savings.

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