Has another year passed and you still haven’t achieved the balanced, healthy lifestyle you wanted to create for yourself and your family?

Do you or your loved ones settle for – and struggle with – nagging health issues like problem skin, fatigue, and/or belly bloat but tell yourselves it’s just part of the aging process?

Do you avoid your kitchen at all costs or worse, dread/resent every second you spend there while trying to figure out how to please all the picky eaters in your household?

Deep down, do you know things need to change – for you, your family, and your lifestyle – but you feel like you don’t have the time, energy, and/or know-how to create impactful quality of life changes the whole family will get on board with?

You’re not alone. When my clients first come to me, they, too, struggle with some major concerns about their health, lifestyle, and legacy.

Hi. My name is Liz Santiago.

As founder of CeleBritAy, an established health and skincare company, and a highly sought after lifestyle coach and nutrition counselor, I’m on a mission to educate, inspire, and ignite your innate passion for living, eating, and feeling well.

And not just feeling well where you settle for nagging symptoms or needless health struggles. Feeling well as in better than you ever imagined because you know the power of cooking and eating nutritious, delicious foods that you and your family love while mindfully creating more fun, freedom, and fulfillment in AND out of the kitchen. (Yes, this is possible!)

If you’re like my clients when they first come to me,
you may find yourself chronically saying things like…

But I don’t have time to cook! Let’s just order in.

Sure, I’d like to change our lifestyle and eat/be healthier. But my family will NEVER get on board with that.

My kitchen is a landmine/disaster zone! I either avoid spending time there or resent the time I DO spend trying to meet everyone’s picky eating needs.

I can’t remember the last time my whole family ate and enjoyed the same meal together!

I just thought belly bloat, chronic fatigue, and/or skin issues were a natural part of the aging process that I had to suffer through.

Can you relate?

I created my New Year, New You: Kitchen, Cooking, & Quality Of Life Reboot for women and families like you who are DONE settling for less than you desire and deserve when it comes to living, being, and feeling your best and who are READY to create real, long-lasting lifestyle shifts that free you of nagging health challenges while awakening you to your BEST self.

What if you could:

 Re-ignite your radiance

 Reduce inflammation in your body

 Age better from the inside-out

 Free your body from chronic digestive issues (indigestion, bloating, acid reflux, etc)

 Feel truly well again

 Lose weight and feel like the best version of yourself

 Enjoy preparing, cooking, and eating quality foods and meals your entire family will love

 Change the health and wellness fate and future of every family member through quality nutrition that tastes great

 Find more balance while also feeding yourself and your family well every day

 Once and for all cure your (or your family’s) nagging skin issues

 Love spending time in your kitchen and actually enjoy cooking

 Inspire your family to join you in the kitchen and increase your quality time together

 Still eat your favorite foods while incorporating whole, nutritious foods into your daily life

 Rediscover the pleasure of what’s on your plate, on your table, and the value of togetherness at meal time

All of this and more is possible – and in record time!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ― Mahatma Gandhi

So what keeps you from creating powerful change in your life?

As a lifestyle coach and nutrition counselor, I’ve heard ALL the excuses for putting off making impactful quality of life changes. I’m also a multi-passionate woman in business who, like you, sometimes (ok, often) struggles with the balancing act of work, family, self care, wellness, ME time, and a social life.

I also know that as a woman, NOTHING changes until you make the empowered choice to do something different. Not just when it’s easy. But more importantly, to BE different in the moments when the going gets tough. As a leader in your life and household, how you choose to show up for yourself and others teaches everyone around you how they should show up for themselves – and you.

Which means that if you’re deeply craving impactful health and lifestyle changes, those changes have to start with you. And they need to start NOW (not someday, a.k.a. never!)

No one else in your household will be the first to take action. But they WILL follow your lead. That’s the legacy you’re establishing every day – whether you do it consciously or unconsciously. Why not create and live a conscious, inspired, healthy, radiant legacy that impacts your entire family and world? That’s a legacy worth leading!

My New Year, New You: Kitchen, Cooking, & Quality Of Life Reboot
will help you do this and more.

And I can’t think of a better time to commit to the best version of you and your family than right here and now. To release what hasn’t worked in years past and create empowered, impactful lifestyle changes that will forever improve your family’s quality of life – just in time for the holidays and New Year!

When we do this invaluable work together, my clients consistently rave about the results, including…


“After getting fed up with some major health issues like shortness of breath, I decided to take control of my wellness future. That’s when I hired Liz. Working with Liz, I LOVED the hands-on support I got every step of the way. From cooking lessons to shopping support to easy-to-make recipes, Liz made it easy and fun to get healthy! Today, my skin is more radiant, I’ve given up soda (finally!), and wake up every day feeling more refreshed and revitalized. Honestly, I never knew how impactful the look of my kitchen and my pantry would be to my health journey, especially if I wanted it to be long lasting without fatigue and stress. Now I shop, cook, and eat differently – and I love it!”

– Meryel Flores

“After losing my husband to cancer, my mission became clear: To start living a healthier life for myself and my daughter.  The only problem? Old habits are hard to break. And I didn’t know where to begin. Working with Liz, I received practical and easy to follow tools, tips, and recipes that made getting healthy fun. Before, I never really liked being in the kitchen.  Now, my kitchen and pantry feel welcoming. The pairing of foods and the quick cooking techniques really help with my busy schedule! Best of all, Liz educated and motivated me in ways that freed me from anxiety and stress.”

 – Keyra Norflis

“Working with Liz, the changes I experienced were life changing. From better quality sleep to easier bowel movements to increased energy, reduced sugar and carb cravings, diminished mood swings, more clarity, less stress, reduced gut issues and belly bloat, freedom from joint pain, effortless weight loss, and improved eye sight – yes, my eyes have gotten better! My family is blown away and now they’re all on board with our healthier lifestyle.”

– Bevsi J. Zelaya

“My #1 reason for deciding to work with Liz in her Pantry Detox Program was because of my skin.  As I’ve gotten older, I’ve hated how my skin slowly lost its glow. My pores felt large and many spots started to appear all over my skin.  So I wanted something medicine couldn’t give me.  They say that you are what you eat, and Liz showed me how to enjoy changing my diet to eat more healthy foods while also sharing that I don’t have to eliminate everything I love to eat!

The new awareness I have is knowledge. And knowledge is power. Now, I can naturally choose to eat what is good for me or not. And… my favorite part of our work together was when Liz showed me how to prepare and cook food – and how tasty it was! We are in a world that is always in a rush.  Now, I have an organized kitchen and a new way of eating that makes so much sense.”

– Martha Mesa

“Working with Liz gave me the know-how tools I needed – from food shopping, putting things in my fridge, into my pot and into my tummy and my family’s tummy.  Now I know simple but important cooking techniques for optimum health.  I now know that greens and eating healthy aren’t scary or tasteless (like I thought before). With the cooking & seasoning techniques Liz showed me, my food is absolutely delicious! During our session, I was able to eat a plate half full of wholesome food feeling full and light and without the anxiety – a huge step! I love that I can reach my optimum health goal without anxiety and confusion.  And seeing my kids eating well felt very empowering.  I would recommend this program 100%. It’s a must-have blueprint and a legacy that teaches my kids how to do this moving forward as well as for my husband and me. It’s an important change for our entire family. “

– Johanna Garcia






(1) 60 minute Discovery Call to explore your greatest challenges, struggles, goals, and vision for creating and living your healthy legacy

(1) 4-6 hour in-person day where I come to your house and we reboot your kitchen. During our time together, we will:

Clear out clutter

Stock shelves with healthy, happy foods

Reinvent the entire space to make it more inviting to the whole family

Learn how to prepare healthy meals without wasting time

Rediscover the fun of cooking (yes, it can be FUN!)

Set a delicious table that entices the whole family to join you

Lay a powerful family foundation of loving time together in the kitchen

Invite the entire family to join us for the finished meal

Email support before, during, and after our in-person day to help you prep, shop, and enjoy your new way of being

Empowered meal planning and recipes that support your busy lifestyle

Grocery shopping tips that save time and money while creating more enjoyment


(1) 60 minute Re-connection Call following our in-person day to share celebrations, answer questions, and further support your legacy of wellness

I know how busy they can be – not to mention how many guilty pleasures are within arm’s reach – I’m going to bonus you 2 incredible free gifts to support you and your journey.

Worth Over $900, these bonuses include:

27 Days Personalized Organ Cleanse Regiment
$697 VALUE

Facebook closed group for consistent support
$349 VALUE

It may seem simple enough. And yet, this powerful and impactful program can revolutionize your health and wellness goals while allowing you to establish a legacy of well being within your family that’s been missing.


The perfect gift for your family, let’s get you and your loved ones on the path to living your best legacy!

Imagine what will change in your life when you commit to being a better version of YOU.

Imagine how your family will feel when they see you living this empowered legacy – for yourself and for them.

Imagine the freedom, confidence, and joy you’ll feel when you are no longer settling for nagging health challenges when you’ve stopped letting your busy schedule take over your entire life, and/or when you’re finally DONE living a life that’s mundane and instead create one with meaning!

Together, let me show you how to:

Cook delicious wholesome foods and add amazing flavor to foods you once did not enjoy with a hands-on cooking demo your whole family can enjoy

Cultivate the tools to jumpstart your journey to a healthier and happier you  

Enjoy food pantry and a refrigerator that supports your healthy lifestyle

Confidently shop for a healthier and more radiant you

Eliminate old, unhealthy patterns while creating empowered and impactful new practices

Create more energy through healthy eating

Enjoy a more positive relationship with food

Feel radiant inside and out

Prevent and maintain health ailments while supporting your best health through what you eat

Achieve and maintain healthy skin

Ask for and receive the support you deserve to live the life you desire

Ready to invest in your quality of life legacy?

If you’re ready to create that lasting legacy of wellness for you and your family, I invite you to take action today.

I’m Ready!