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Are you ready to feel POWERFUL in the skin you’re in and show up AUTHENTICALLY in your life – HEALTHY, CONFIDENT & RADIANT?

Join me for an interactive discussion on how you can unlock the POWERFUL
secrets to becoming stronger, sexier, and feeling YOUR BEST!

…an event for every woman who wants to maximize her potential and live a fulfilling and satisfying life.

Stay tuned for new dates

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During this intimate conversational
event, I will share howto…

Glow from the inside out: Learn what foods promote gut health for RADIANT SKIN

Feel energized and think clearer:  Get valuable tips on how you can detox your life, your pantry, your body and mood for a HAPPIER LIFE

Develop habits for a healthier lifestyle: Select wholesome foods and beverages that nourish your BODY AND SOUL


Enjoy nourishing ALKALINE wholesome foods with rich flavors made with love.

Menu to be shared upon registration.  Allergies? No problem.  Email us at with any food allergies and we will accommodate your needs. 


Are you ready to get on the path to living your best radiant self!

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Hi. My name is Liz Santiago.

As founder of CeleBritAy, an established health and skincare company, and a highly sought after lifestyle coach and nutrition counselor, I’m on a mission to educate, inspire, and ignite your innate passion for lIt would be my greatest joy to guide you on this BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY of the
MIND, BODY, AND SPIRITiving, eating, and feeling well.

I’ve heard ALL the excuses for putting off making impactful quality of life changes. I’m also a multi-passionate woman in business who, like you, sometimes (ok, often) struggles with the balancing act of work, family, self-care, wellness, ME time, and a social life.

I also know that as a woman, NOTHING changes until you make the empowered choice to do something different. Not just when it’s easy. But more importantly, to BE different in the moments when the going gets tough.


It would be my greatest joy to guide you on this BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY of the MIND, BODY, AND SPIRIT.

I’m Ready! 

Please note, in order to maintain the intimacy of this event, seats are very limited.

CeleBritAy New York,   718-384-0914